Vladimir Martynenko


The culprit of the crash at the airport Vnukovo acknowledged deed

The driver of a snowplow, which became fact with the plane crash death of the head of «Total», admitted his guilt.

In particular, as it turned out, Vladimir Martynenko fully admitted his guilt, including, and in view of upotreblёnnogo alcohol during work on the runway of Vnukovo Airport. However, the court may mitigate the punishment against the employee of the Moscow air harbor, since in reality, the crash could have been avoided if the car is running in a special radio on which, an air traffic controller and tried to warn the driver.

Portal Avia.pro notes that in a plane crash in October 2014 year, killing four people, however, set the main culprit of the tragedy until now it was not possible.

What the fuck he's cleaned snow - why the tower and make it far. It is a zone, but it remains a mess. We are waiting for new katostrov.