Explosions in the desert


The Russian Aerospace Forces set a record for the destruction of ISIS terrorists in a day - this is more than the United States in six months

The Russian Aerospace Forces killed more ISIS terrorists in a day than the United States in six months.

After the terrorists of the "Islamic State" ("ISIS", a terrorist group banned in Russia - ed.) Attacked a helicopter with the Russian military, wounding and, according to other sources, killing several Russian military personnel, the Russian Aerospace Forces launched an unprecedented operation to eliminate militants in the central part of the Arab Republic. Thus, according to information available to the news agency Avia.pro, the Russian military managed to eliminate 218 terrorists per day, which is estimated at about 15-20% of all Islamic State militants hiding in this region, while, the elimination of such a large group of terrorists became a kind of record, since Russian forces managed to destroy more militants in a day than American troops in six months.

According to information provided by the Syrian media, as a result of a series of powerful strikes by the Russian Aerospace Forces, two large terrorist targets were destroyed, up to 30 vehicles (mostly pick-up trucks with heavy machine guns installed on them), several ammunition depots and 218 terrorists.

The campaign to eliminate the terrorists of the "Islamic State" continues at the moment, while it was possible to cover such a large group of militants after it became known that terrorists were planning to attack several large settlements in central Syria in order to gain control over them.