The Russian Aerospace Forces urgently raised three Su-35 fighters to the sky to intercept the American B-1 Lancer simulating a nuclear strike

The American B-1B Lancer tried to work out a strike on the Far East, but for the first time Russia raised three Su-35s into the sky at once, which intercepted it.

American strategic bomber B-1B Lancer entered the airspace over the Sea of ​​Okhotsk, passing through a narrow corridor from Japan and tried to work out a nuclear strike on the territory of the Russian Federation, as it had been a few months ago. Nevertheless, thanks to long-range Russian radars, the American plane was almost instantly detected, and although the threat was only potential, three Russian Su-35 fighters were taken into the sky to intercept the American plane.

“Three Su-35 fighters took to the air to intercept and escort the US strategic bomber over the Sea of ​​Okhotsk, the Russian National Defense Control Center said on Friday. A target approaching the state border of the Russian Federation was detected over the neutral waters of the Pacific Ocean. "To intercept the target, three Su-35s fighters were taken into the air from the air defense duty officers of the Eastern Military District, which classified and sequentially escorted the US Air Force B-1B strategic bomber over the Sea of ​​Okhotsk," the message says. The flight of Russian planes took place "strictly in accordance with international rules." "Violation of the state border by a strategic bomber B-1B of the US Air Force was not allowed," the message says.- приводит on this account the data of the edition "RIA Novosti".

Exactly at what distance from the borders of Russian airspace the American strategic bomber was intercepted - it is not known, however, apparently, Russian radars were actively tracking the movement of this aircraft, although experts cannot name the reasons why three Russian fighters were sent to intercept at once.

probably it would be reasonable to ask why raise 3 planes when they have to be on duty there 24 hours a day, as decent countries participating in the Cold War did. After all, already on June 22, 1941, they tried to lift something into the sky, but the enemy had already arrived and shot our planes on the ground. Children's games of alarms and "quick ascents into the sky" end in 5 minutes with destroyed aviation units on the ground.
Those who want not just to defend the country, but simply to survive, must be in the air before the enemy must be intercepted.