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Russian Aerospace Forces inflicted more than 800 strikes on Syrian terrorists in a month

The Russian Aerospace Forces launched more than 800 air strikes on terrorists in Syria in a month.

The active military operations of the Russian Aerospace Forces in Syria, directed against militants and terrorists, led to the fact that over the past month, Russian military aircraft brought down more than 800 airstrikes.

According to the materials presented, throughout the past month, the aviation of the Russian Aerospace Forces actively smashed the positions of the terrorists of the "Islamic State" in the desert regions of Syria, using both bombs and missiles. Moreover, if we take into account the strikes inflicted on the Turkish mercenaries, then the number of air strikes by the Russian Aerospace Forces in Syria during the month exceeded a thousand, which is comparable only to the active phase of the liberation of the territory of the SAR several years ago.

Nevertheless, at the moment there are a number of questions regarding the effectiveness of the use of Russian military aircraft against terrorists, since according to the media, only 35 terrorists of the "Islamic State" were destroyed by the attacks of the Russian Aerospace Forces. This, according to Soha, is a "very modest result."

According to unofficial data, today about 2 Islamic State terrorists are hiding in Syria.

And fuel?

From where does the Soha edition take such data about the killed militants and the number of militants' personnel. Apparently, the publication has its own agent in the general headquarters of the militants!

The flight crews are being run in.

Disposal of old bombs in progress

There it is not written by what means the blows were delivered. UAVs also belong to videoconferencing

Yeah. It is interesting to know the bookkeeping of the "effectiveness" of strikes. Suddenly every action movie turns out to be gold, and the old cannon ... diamond !? Will drone strikes be cheaper?



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