The Russian Aerospace Forces will not receive a light Su-75 in the coming years due to the required refinement of the fighter

In the coming years, the Su-75 fighter will not enter service with the Russian Aerospace Forces.

Due to the need to refine the domestic light fighter of the fifth generation Su-75 "Checkmate", the fighter will not appear in service with the Russian Aerospace Forces in the coming years. The data on this matter were published by the honored military pilot, Major General Vladimir Popov, noting that it will take years to prepare for the serial production of the fighter.

According to Vladimir Popov, the appearance of the new fifth-generation light fighter is unlikely to change significantly, but the technical component will require drastic changes.

“This is really an aircraft of a new format, but it would be inappropriate to say that tomorrow it will enter combat formation, because it still needs to be refined, but its appearance is already known to us. We already have good planes without Checkmate: Su-57, or T-50, as it was called before. It is a heavy fighter and therefore should be much more expensive than a light one. ", - said Popov.

It should be noted that the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation has not yet expressed any interest in this aircraft. Obviously, this is primarily due to the fact that the Su-75 fighter has not yet completed a single flight, however, in general, the Russian Aerospace Forces needs such fighters.


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that is, we are shown the layout of the projects of the future?

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A strange "general". Nobody said that the Su-75 will appear "tomorrow" (or in a year).

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