Coronavirus in Russia


For a day in Russia, no one died from coronavirus

For a day in Russia, there were no dead from a new type of coronavirus.

As follows from the information provided by specialists monitoring the spread of coronavirus infection, over the past day the number of deaths from coronavirus in Russia has remained unchanged. This fact indicates the beginning of stabilization of the situation with coronavirus infection and, most likely, is the first signal to the decline of coronavirus in Russia. According to the operational headquarters, the number of cases increased by 2 people, however, this information is very controversial, since two flight outcomes became known just a few hours after the publication of statistics of the past day.

The total increase in the new number of patients in Russia from coronavirus amounted to 13,9% (the total number of infected is 5389 people), however, compared with the previous days, the number of newly detected cases of infection increased slightly, which also clearly indicates a gradual stabilization of the situation.

According to analysts, it will be possible to draw accurate conclusions about the further spread of the infection in Russia only 14 days after the start of universal isolation, however, given the absence of a sharp increase in the incidence, experts note that the number of new cases will gradually decline.

Given the information provided, the percentage of the number of deaths to the number of cases today is 0,84%

This makes me happy. The outcome is called fatal.