Ukrainian An-225 flew under the power lines


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What shots!? Above the transmission line, he flies! He has a height to the upper level of the feathering floors 6-7. The Soviet Union!

Installation. Specially watched incrementally. Someone ineptly wiped the wires. Sometimes the distance to the contour of the aircraft is more than half a centimeter

An air power line on the landing course ?! This is not even in the madhouse!
And the wires over the air for some reason in the rupture

The plane is certainly impressive, but at its height 18 it is not something to fly, it would not be possible to drive through the earth.

the fourth wire is a lightning rod.
- ground wire))

Not installation. The plane flew over the wires, and safely high - it really is a huge fool, and the transmission line is small. And yes, the fourth wire is a lightning rod.

Full scam. The wire 4 is well told and the support for 3 wires. Calculated for suckers. Do not attract more attention. The plane is an excellent one, you will not say anything about the wealth of the USSR and that's it!

And why the grass of small trees is not even sholonutsya when planting should all blow down the air flow

This is a crap-drawing. Span ostensibly under the BB line of four wires, but there is a column with three insulators ...

Did you pay attention to the power line itself? Where did you see such fastening of wires on high transmission lines about which it is asserted that it is more than 24 meters? In addition, at the beginning of 4 conductors, the pole is shown to us on three wires. The post is similar to the usual 10 square. LEP of local significance. Who will do it more than 24 meters? And anyway, who will put any power line in the end of the runway, and even that runway which is able to receive An-224? Turn off the fayette.

Yes kapets, it's just an accident, the height of the LEP can be and 100 meters who's talking about what neither says but the height of the Lap in Bolivia or who does not know. It's just that obviously the Ukrainians got lost and went to land on the wrong side, that's all.

That is, you, Ivan for certain measured the height of the lower tier of wires of the same transmission line and say that it is no more than 24 meters?
Let's say it was (you were there with a good laser rangefinder and got into the bottom bus of the power line with its beam, because other methods of measurement require removing the potential from the bus). Keels on the video pass exactly under the tires, and the bottom points of the chassis pass over the ground in 4-6 meters - arithmetically just converges.

By the way, how much are you ready to put on your statement that such an event is impossible, as well as the fact that the lower tier of the power line buses can not be higher than 24.?

Nobody will ever intentionally send a plane to power lines, even Ukrainians. If this happened, it is the result of some emergency situation, but, thank God, with a happy ending.

Golimy montage. An-225 at a height of more than 18 meters, the height of the transmission line to the lower tier of wires 24 meters, taking into account the sag in the center all 21.

Yes. They can only ride without us. And then not for long. And then we remembering.

Well, why, he went to land.

Why Okrugskiy. These bastards without the Union did not build a single plane.

He will break the line and will not notice it.

Effectively ... but why ......



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