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5-th generation without a future.
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5-th generation without a future.

5-th generation without a future.


On the eve of the military leading manufacturers from the United States got a real kick in the back of the Government of Canada, refused for unknown reasons at the moment, from the purchase of 65 combat fighter-bombers F-35. The authorities and the US military authorities at the moment are perplexed by the fact that Canada has initiated the refusal to purchase US military aircraft which was believed to surpass all existing models, however, according to experts the portal, such a solution is quite reasoned.



According to some reports, the F-35 Lightning II fighter-bomber development program is more than 56 billion dollars, however, despite this, apparently, the combat aircraft could not impress the government of Canada, in particular, during dozens of conducted simulations of combat, in For the most part, the American aircraft proved to be defeated not only by modern Russian fighters, but also by air equipment still of the models of the Soviet Union, which naturally cast doubt on the effectiveness of this aircraft in the event I was a real battle. Given the fact that China and Russia are the main potential adversaries of NATO, it appears that in the event of possible military operations, the likelihood that modern military development will succeed is very small.



Modern technologies used in the development of the fighter-bomber F-35 Lightning II is not always justify themselves, and even the main advantage of this aircraft, which consists in the properties of invisibility for air defense systems, and is not always workable - radars and Soviet-made radar intersect approaching aircraft more long as one gets a chance to start fighting, which, of course, minimizes the chance of success of any military operation.



A significant role is also played by the financial support of the project of production of aircraft F-35 Lightning II. According to some reports, Canada is forced to invest in the project about half a billion dollars, and this is without taking into account the cost of the aircraft, which naturally is not justified in view of all the above facts, in particular in terms of flight-technical qualities of the combat aircraft.

Given the fact that Canada has initiated the refusal from the purchase of combat aircraft F-35 Lightning II, is to assume that it may follow other countries, in particular, experts do not exclude that it may be Denmark and the Netherlands, although the official information about this not made public.


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