Airline Air Transat
Airline Air Transat

Air Transat airline (Air Transat). Official site.


  • Airlines Country: Canada Air Transat airline (Air Transat). Official site..

  • Charter flights from most major cities in Canada for the resort areas.

  • Year of occurrence airlines: 1987.


Air Transat AT Inc., operating as Air Transat, - Trunk Aviation Company of Canada, headquartered in Montreal, Quebec. The company performs regular and charter flights to destinations in the 90 25 the world.

During the summer season the main stream of passenger transportations Aviation Company accounts for airports in Europe, the route network in the winter season is reoriented on the airports of the United States of America, Mexico, South America and the Caribbean. Air Transat - Canada is the only airline company, which is authorized by the Ministry of Transport of the country on regular flights between Cuba and Canada.

The main transit nodes (hubs) Air Transat is Toronto Pearson International Airport, Montréal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport, Vancouver International Airport, the main passenger flow throughout the year focused on the routes between the hubs International Airport Calgary International Airport Quebec City name of Jean Lesage.


The aviation company Air Transat is based in December 1986, the general manager and co-workers (which include and Francois Lezho) Canadian aircraft carrier Quebecair and began operations in November 14 1987 years with regular flights between Acapulco and Montreal. Air Transat six years later acquired the land bases and aircraft maintenance and defunct Nationair Canadian aviation companies.

Air Transat is currently a subsidiary of the aviation holding company Transat AT, which also includes Nolitours, Transat Holidays, Jonview Canada and others, which specialize in orders, organization, marketing and other services in the tourism business. All the subdivisions of the holding operate under the common trademark TDC (Transat Distribution Canada). The holding owns its own tourist operators in France and Canada, it owns the Canadian travel operator Canadian Affair, specializing mainly in Canada for tourist recreation and using British Thomas Cook Airlines and Canadian Air Transat as air carriers.

Services Air Transat in 2009 year benefited more than two and a half million people. Aviation company is the fourth-largest air carrier after WestJet companies, Air Canada, Air Canada Jazz.

Air Transat worked 2667 employees at the end of the year 2009.

Air Transat is the only one in Canada and one of the nine airline companies of the world fleet which is only wide-body aircraft.


The route network

Aviation Company is specialized in charter flights from major Canadian cities to airports in Europe during the summer season and in the southern areas - in the winter months.

Affiliate agreement

Air Transat has a code-sharing agreement with the aviation companies Enerjet, CanJet, Skyservice Airlines and Thomas Cook Airlines.



The logo Air Transat, acted in the early and mid-1990 and early 2000-ies. Fully launched at the end of the year 2005 replaced by a new logo and new aircraft livery

The aviation company Air Transat Lockheed L-1011 (registration C-FTNC) in the Paris airport Charles de Gaulle, June 1995 years

The average age on April 4 2009, the aircraft fleet Air Transat was 17,1 years.


  • Boeing 727
  • Airbus A320
  • Lockheed L-1011 TriStar 150 / 500
  • Boeing 757
  • Boeing 737


Air Transat airline (Air Transat). Official sayt.1

Major airlines codes:

  • IATA airline code: TS.
  • ICAO airline code: TSC.


Air Transat (Air Transat). Official

Air Transat airline (Air Transat). Official sayt.2

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It is worth noting that on the road all offered blankets, although I do not think they would need someone in this heat. In this case, when flew off to one side was detained for about an hour, but the back just a couple of minutes. I did not expect that the company will be able to conduct flight at such a level, I will not deny, I was very satisfied!

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We flew in the direction of Amsterdam-Toronto, all on schedule, the service perfect, the food is as good for charter. Particularly pleased that on board there is Wi-Fi. We were pleased with the whole flight.