F-16 XL General dyunamiks. Photo. Characteristics.
F-16 XL General dyunamiks. Photo. Characteristics.

F-16 XL General dyunamiks. General Dynamics F-16 XL



In the early 1990-ies. It has developed a new modification of aircraft - F-16 XL. He differed from his predecessors greater speed flight, better handling and maneuverability, more combat load.

The plane had a delta wing exceeding the area about twice the wing 2 F-16A. This has increased the number of units of weapons and external fuel tanks capacity. F-16 XL is able to perform the functions of a fighter-interceptor and fighter-bomber.


F-16 XL General dyunamiks. Photography

F-16 XL General dyunamikc photo


A fighter can carry almost all types of aircraft armament.

  • It has built a gun-type "Volcano".

  • In 17 hardpoints can be placed: a guided missile (AMRAAM, «Sidewinder" and others.) "Air-air"

  • guided missiles "Air-Ground" ("Maverick")

  • 14 explosive bombs Mk82 (caliber - 500 pounds).


The performance characteristics of F-16 XL

  • Aircraft length, m 16

  • Wingspan, m 9,9

  • Wing area, m2 60

  • The length of the root chord, m 12,7

  • Empty weight kg 7900

  • Takeoff Weight,Maximum kg 17 000

  • the fuel in the internal weighttanks, kg 5800

  • full speedFlight 2,5M

  • Cruising speed 2,2M


Power point:

  • One Bypass Turbofan engine with afterburner F-100- PW-100 («Pratt & Whitney").

  • Maximum thrust with the afterburner - 11 300 kg.

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