FSUE Far Eastern Center of training of aviation personnel
FSUE Far Eastern Center of training of aviation personnel

FSUE Far Eastern Center of training of aviation personnel



It is the largest aviation training center of the Far East region. The center was created in 1934 year.

Highly professional instructors and teachers of the educational process is carried out with the certification of conformity. ATC has equipped with the necessary technical means classes: audio, computer, and video equipment.

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Many areas of training are carried out by modern computer training programs.

ATC is equipped with an integrated simulator of aircraft: An-26, IL-62M, Mi-8T (MTV), Yak-40, SSHT-70, SNT "Dvina", TCO-INO, Entry-A. In the initial training of flight crews on aircraft Tu-214, Tu-204, Tu-154, An-12 simulator training is carried out under agreements in other ATC.

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There is a legally valid certificate of the Ministry of Transport on all types of training.

Federal State Unitary Enterprise "DV TCCS" has hostels, hotels, dining room.

The simulator of the helicopter Mi-8T for training, learning and assessment of the level of training of flight crews on the actions needed at fault in piloting aircraft and Mi-volume AFM 8t and allows testing of such problems:

- Technical training for the flight (except for visual inspection of the helicopter), including checking and enable on-board systems, test and start the engines, the crew on the control cards RLE4

- Taxi;

- Off (in the helicopter and an aircraft);

- Freeze;

- En-route, climb, descent and approach with the whole complex of radio engineering and flight-navigation standard equipment of the helicopter;

- Conducting two-way communication between the crew members themselves and with the ground on the radio;

- Reduction in the rotor autorotation mode (RSNV);

- Go to the playground with the selection of the site from the air and with ground-based radio;

- Landing (in a helicopter and an aircraft);

- Running with the brake wheels of the chassis;

- Actions with faults, failures of helicopter systems and in special cases provided for RLE;

- The use of methods of control error factors and threats according instrukttsionnogo ICAO material "Training" in the simulator provides for practice problems with visual orientation at all stages of the flight, except for stages where piloting carried out by instrument flight rules.

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The simulator makes it possible to perform flight training in close to real conditions (LOFT), and training to optimize cockpit (CRM) according to the "Guidelines on training for the human factor", provides organizations with ICAO.

The simulator has the following methodological features:

- Duplication of equipment on the control monitor and instructor in the cockpit simulator;

- Visual control of the situation as an instructor;

- Forming part of the exercise, making the simulation conditions of takeoff, flight route (or airways), operational parameters of the helicopter landing;

- The choice of exercises from a set of ready-exercise;

- Creation of scripts to perform instructor training program at LOFT;

- Interaction as a manager with the crew, using simulation of communication equipment;

- Changes in the flight plan;

- Removal and input failures, as well as non-standard cases in flight;

- Supervise the work of the crew and the fixation of certain fragments of the crew from the workplace instructor (figuratively speaking, the instructor has access to a "black box", located in the cab of the students);

• Automatic repeat play flight, pause, continue and complete its stop;

- Evaluation of actions and analysis of exercises crew.

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