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To helicopter news

To helicopter news



1. The largest customer AW189 (Italian) should become a Russian mining company Rosneft. While she ordered 30 of such aircraft, but in the future it is planned to bring this contract to 160 boards.

And our Ka-62?
«28.05.2017. His first flight was successfully completed by the newest Russian helicopter Ka-62. The share of composite materials in it is 60%, which makes the helicopter exceptionally strong.
Firstly, the helicopter can be transported by airplane Il-76, and secondly, it can develop a speed of at least 315 km / h.

At the same time, when creating the Ka-62 helicopter, extremely high indicators are laid, which make the honor of any medium-class helicopter. In particular, there are requirements for shock resistance, and they are all performed in the helicopter Ka-62. In addition, the helicopter can work both in hot climate conditions and in low temperature conditions, including high altitude.
The helicopter has a low noise level. This was achieved primarily due to the fact that the designers hid the steering screw in the annular channel. Secondly, the low-noise effect was influenced by the aerodynamics of the entire helicopter as a whole.

"We see Ka-62 in demand on offshore operations, in the work on the shelf. We assume that the characteristics of our helicopter will not be inferior to the characteristics of the helicopters of our colleagues and competitors, "Andrei Boginsky, general director of the holding, said at a press conference, adding that the holding is already discussing with the leading oil and gas companies the requirements for a helicopter for offshore work" (TK Zvezda ).

To helicopter news

In our time it became the norm when the imported equipment advances to the detriment of the Russian, and therefore with the release of Ka-62 do not hurry.
2. Multi-purpose helicopter Mi-38: the new machine will set new standards of safety. 31July 2017.
In 2016, manufacturers reported that the machine is now being upgraded to work in the Arctic and hot countries. ... Until 2025 year, according to the tender documentation, the total amount of supplies will be to make 175 machines.
* What kind of "tender documentation"?
According to Ka-226 helicopters, it is easier to say, and therefore understandable: "The volume of joint production with Russia of Ka-226 helicopters in India can be doubled - from 200 to 400 cars," Tass reported citing sources in the Indian military department. This is due to the growing need of the country's Armed Forces in light helicopters.
The agreement on the organization of the production of 200 helicopters was signed by Russian companies Rosoboronexport and Russian Helicopters with an Indian partner, private company Reliance Defense, at the end of August 2015. "

And more: "The new machine will set new standards for security."
In the classical scheme of helicopters, the "safety standards" are set by the tail screw: in case of its failure in flight, with rare exceptions, a catastrophe; When maneuvering near the ground, it is more likely to be hooked with a tail propeller over a driftwood or stone, and then it falls sharply to the right side with a sharp rotation!

3. The army and the defense industry. 23, July. / TASS

New "Night Hunter"
"According to Bondarev, the modernized helicopter Mi-28NM" Night Hunter "with double control will begin to serially enter the troops from 2018 year.
"There is not a single backlog in Mi-28NM. It's a fine helicopter, we really need it. As expected, Mi-28NM will receive a radically new locator, providing an overview, a new control system and other equipment, and also will be able to use high-precision weapons. "

What is beautiful, in addition to dual management, he will bring with him to the troops.

  • "Mi-28NM will receive a radically new locator providing an overview", the one that the Milevs "install" from the 80-ies.

  • Gear reducers will lead up to a normal working condition and consequently because of refusal хв. Screws our pilots will cease to perish, flying on them

  • After the development of the gearboxes from VK-2500 engines, the power limitations will be removed, i.e. Their power-to-weight ratio will increase.

With all this he is far in his LTH to the real fighters Ka-50 / 52!

4. «Military Review

"Russia created a helicopter to fight terrorists, using the Syrian experience

July 13 2017
The technical shape of the Mi-171S-VN helicopter was formed taking into account the experience of combat use of helicopters, including in Syria.
The helicopter is equipped with a new composition of flight-navigation equipment. At the same time, to increase combat survivability, the combination of a "glass cockpit" and reliable analogue instruments is applied. In addition, the machine is equipped with the "President-C" defense complex, which automatically detects the launching of missiles by helicopter and implements interference to the heads of their guidance and the release of false thermal targets.

For the protection of personnel, the floor of the cockpit and the cargo cabin is completely closed with a removable lightweight Kevlar armor. Also Kevlar armor is installed along the left and starboard sides to the level of the portholes. To improve the survival of personnel in the case of "hard landing" of the helicopter is provided for the installation of energy-absorbing landing seats. "

To helicopter news

** It's wonderful, but with the modernization of Mi-171, in my opinion, more ostentatious than the real desire to help our pilots and paratroopers in the safety of searching and rescuing the crews in distress! Russia is probably the only state in the world where helicopters are supplied to the Army not at the request of pilots and not even on a competitive basis, but at the desire of the designers of the MVZ and "effective managers", who in turn, I think, have an acute desire to annoy our To the pilots. Therefore, the helicopter was chosen not the one that can better cope with the given work, but necessarily the Mi helicopter, even if it is not quite suitable for the tasks set.
By the way, in Syria, the helicopter was looking for pilots who had catapulted from the Su-24 bomber, who also had to hide from the fighters. As you can see, the tasks for such a helicopter will be much more difficult than simply combating terrorists. Therefore, a special search and rescue helicopter for VCS is really needed, but it was necessary to choose more worthy for such flights: Ka-32-10!

Although, what's surprising here, if in due time the commander-in-chief of VKS V.Bondarev opposed the restoration of unique interceptor aircraft MiG-31 for our defense. He claimed that MiG 31 was obsolete and it would take money, about 25 billion rubles, to resume production.
"True, at the meeting of the Duma Defense Committee (15.04.2013, the parliamentary hearings on the fate of the MiG-31 interceptor fighters took place in the State Duma), it turned out that the stock of unique D-30F engines for the" thirty-first "is abundant. All the rest, except the cockpit of the cockpit, too. There is a separate story with a lamp. The MiG is a speed record, able to fly at speeds over 3 thousand km / h for a minute, for as long as there is enough fuel. And the old lanterns can not withstand the loads, the appearance of cracks is already fixed, which automatically entails requirements to reduce the maximum safe speed by almost half. And where are the new lights? Allegedly, while they were building a "new Russia", the technology and the actual production of a heat-resistant and super-strong material for the glazing of the cabin were lost somewhere. But experts who are familiar with the problem say - we will do, there would be an order. For PAK FA, Su-35 - produce, and for MiG-31 - can not? Lies".
So the State Duma deputies forced the Glavkom VKS to restore these fighters and today the MiG-31 - the world's unequaled fighter-interceptor, and our state with their help - under reliable protection from the intrusion of uninvited "guests"!


Vitalii Belyaev.


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