Problems of the Russian aircraft industry. Infinite Crisis whether domestic civil aviation?
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Problems of the Russian aircraft industry. Infinite Crisis whether domestic civil aviation?

Problems of the Russian aircraft industry. Infinite Crisis whether domestic civil aviation?

The modern field of civil aviation is experiencing not the best of times, and that in view of the fact that since the collapse of a superpower like the Soviet Union has been almost 25 years, while technological progress and scientific knowledge are clearly superior to those days. Much more promising is the military aircraft - the new aircraft are available if not regularly, then modified and improved every year, while in civil aviation is far more profitable areas, things are much worse.

If during the Soviet Union new passenger planes and airliners were more commonplace, it is now, the Russian civil aviation for more than 80% dependent on foreign producers, and this in view of the fact that foreign Boeing, Bombardier and Airbus cost much more. What a problem to design and produce their own passenger planes that will be needed not only by domestic carriers, but foreign airlines for a minimum of 10 years prior to the appearance of new models?

Specialists attribute this endless crisis mainly to the lack of allocated investments, but in reality, domestic aircraft builders simply do not make sufficient efforts to do this, because it can be very simple to prove the quick payback of a project, and therefore the question of capital investments will not keep you waiting. In order for new developments to be carried out, the state should make every effort to do this, increase funding and coordinate the actions of not only scientists but also engineers, as a result of which new projects can be developed in the next few years, and during the next 3- 5 years, projects can already be fully implemented.

Among other things, it may seem that the development of a future passenger aircraft requires the painstaking work of designers, and, therefore, the project will be very expensive, but in reality there are a huge number of people in the country who are ready to promote their own projects anyway tens, hundreds and thousands of different conceptual solutions and models of the vision of a passenger airliner. The use of ready-made solutions will allow minimizing the time required for the creation of passenger aircraft, and the "technical stuffing" available to date, including those produced in the country, will behave in new aircraft just as well.

Experts note that the creation of a project without taking into account any modifications and improvements are within a year, which leads to the conclusion that the new aircraft could be developed and put into production within a maximum of 3-5 years. It may not be a completely new airliner which allows to save a lot of fuel, but the fact that something like that observed in other aircraft manufacturers, gives all the chances to revive the domestic civil aircraft industry.

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