Turboprop aircraft and helicopters
Turboprop aircraft and helicopters

Turboprop aircraft and helicopters


Turboprop engines are used in cases where the speed of the airplane are relatively small. In a large number of modern transport aircraft used is theater. Their advantage especially in the economy. The engine is provided with the propeller, which is mounted in front of the compressor.


Turboprop aircraft and helicopters 1


The propeller shaft is connected to the gearbox, as the speed of its rotation is much less than the rotational speed of the compressor-turbine. For turboprop engines thrust consists of the propeller thrust and traction force occurring when the gas from the nozzle. Depending on the speed of the airplane vary the proportion of two components of traction. At low speeds (cruising for transport aircraft), the proportion of thrust from the propellers is much higher than the second component. The theater is often used a combination of compressors.


Turboprop aircraft and helicopters


The design provides a turbojet engine air intake in large quantities at high speeds that provides greater traction. The second circuit, the low pressure circuit thus provides an additional pulling force. The ratio of the two components depends on the total thrust engine design and operating conditions. In the best of modern aircraft (MiG-29, MiG-31 et al.) as the powerplant used Turbofan engines. In turbojet engines for short-term increase engine thrust using afterburner. The vast majority of modern fighter aircraft as a power ustanovkiimeyut engines with afterburner (Mig-29, Su-33 and etc.).

Turboprop engines for helicopters have been used much later. Engines in 19591961 years. We had the m = 0,1.


Turboprop aircraft and helicopters 3


Even before the war in the most developed countries are working in the field of jet engines. The exclusivity of the theme was clear, there was no reason for the cancellation or postponement of the introduction of new aircraft models in general, and in particular jets. The achievements of fundamental science, engineering developments and technological solutions, the creation of testing facilities and development of production processes - all this gave the results: were created, have been tested and introduced jet engines:



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