American strategic bombers approached the borders of the DPRK at a distance of only 80 kilometers

American B-1 Lancer bombers approached the borders of the DPRK on record.

The flight of two American bombers was a response to the launch of a ballistic missile, which during the last launch covered a distance of 800 kilometers. This was the maximum approach of the bombers to the borders of the DPRK and the capital of this state, which in Pyongyang may well be perceived as an immediate threat.

Judging by the flight route, the bomber crews practiced strikes against the territory of the DPRK, however, it is likely that the target was not the capital of this state at all, but military facilities that could pose a particular threat.

Pyongyang has not yet commented on the provocation staged by the United States. However, it is obvious that a response to such actions will follow - estimated this may result in massive missile launches and artillery shelling of coastal waters, especially since the DPRK leadership has previously declared its readiness to give a harsh response to any kind of provocation of this kind, since they are a direct threat to the state.

The United States has not yet commented on the flight of bombers 80 kilometers from the border with the DPRK.

Non contents de provoquer quotidiennement la Russie, ces abrutis d'Américains s'en prennent maintenant à la Corée du Nord, avant la Chine : ils veulent absolument déclencher un conflit mondial !!!

La situation catastrophiques de leurs banques, avec les conséquences sur l'économie occidentale, et la voie sans issue empruntée en Ukraine expliqueraient-elles ce comportement suicidaire ?



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