Military air base


The US military was allowed to covertly attack Russia

The aggressive behavior of the United States forces us to take action.

Against the backdrop of general hysteria about supposedly carefully planned cyber attacks from Russia around the world, US authorities decided to change the strategy of the US cyber command, allowing the military to carry out cyber attacks on Russian military facilities, including airbases, command centers and air defense facilities.

In fact, the US military was able to carry out regular hacker raids, including the creation of serious obstacles to the functioning of the military apparatus of the Russian Federation. Under the threat of cyberattacks are not only objects associated with nuclear weapons, but radar control stations, military telecommunications facilities, headquarters and air forces.

"It is unlikely that the US military will be able to force our military aircraft to fall or strike strikes on their territory, but it is quite possible to disrupt the air defense control system, disable nuclear weapons facilities and disrupt the work of headquarters. Russia should urgently take countermeasures to counteract the US ", - said the military analyst.

On the other hand, it is very difficult to implement, the main reason for this is the highest level of security that ensures the autonomy of military facilities.

“The US is trying in vain to find a“ button ”that can“ turn off ”Russian defense, but the problem is that such a button simply does not exist, and from the Pentagon’s side it’s just a waste of time that seriously undermines relations with Russia., - the expert marks.

themselves under the sensitive eye of the United States and the money of the United States and with the help of the United States created security perimeters of nuclear facilities, including mines for ballistic missiles. And now analysts suddenly began to see.

I think that although we do not know, it is unlikely that Russia is not "testing the strength" of the Pentagon's cyber network ...
You should always have an "ace in your sleeve".