Airline UTair


UTair Airlines reports on the punctuality of its flights

The Russian airline UTair became the second most punctual operator in Russia.

As follows from the information provided by the press service of the Russian airline UTair, following the results of May 2018, the air carrier served 589 thousand passengers, having performed in the total amount of 6256 flights. During this period, the air carrier fulfilled the 89% of flights according to the available timetable, which was the second result in the Russian aviation industry.

"In 2017, UTair became the most punctual air carrier in Russia. Monthly the airline improves this indicator in relation to the last month and year. "Utair" increases the number of flights to the regions, flies to the most inaccessible corners of Russia, but always remembers that accuracy is one of the most important factors of flight satisfaction ", - the president of the airline said.

It should be clarified that the airline "UTair" is one of the five largest carriers in Russia, carrying out flights on more than 150 route routes. As a result of 2017, the air operator served 7,3 million passengers, which is more than the previous year's indicator at 9,3%, while in 2018 this figure could approach 8 million passengers.

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