Combat lasers


Combat lasers "Peresvet" took up combat duty

Russian military lasers "Peresvet" taken on experimental combat duty.

As follows from the data added by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, from December 1 2018, the Peresvet laser complexes were taken on pilot combat duty. Personnel have already begun to develop combat equipment, but the operators have yet to work out a coordinated work in the composition of several complexes.

Where exactly Russian combat lasers are located is still unknown, but earlier it was reported that combat lasers were observed at a secure facility near the town of Teikovo (Ivanovo region)that does not exclude the possibility that the complexes are located in this particular region of Russia.

What kind of combat capabilities and characteristics the Russian combat laser systems Peresvet possess remains unknown. According to the initially available data, their power is enough to hit planes at a height of several kilometers, but later information appeared that the real capabilities of Peresvetov are much worse than expected, in particular, we are talking about the defeat of only small unmanned aerial vehicles.

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