Bomber Su-34


Su-34 bombers began hunting for Syrian militants

Russian VCs are smashing terrorists on all fronts.

According to the information resource "Russian Spring", Russian VCS started using Su-34 bombers as a means for hunting for Syrian terrorists and militants. Previously, the resource already reported that Russian aircraft inflicted massive air strikes on weapons depots and factories for the production of chemical agents in Aleppo, but it is also known that Russian VCs are engaged in monitoring the latest attacks by militants, inflicting crushing blows on their positions, which may mean that another active phase of the liberation of the seized Syrian territory begins.

According to unofficial data, Russian Su-34 fighter-bombers inflicted at least two dozen air strikes on the positions of militants, which led to serious losses for radical Islamists, both in technology and in manpower.

"The tactics chosen by Syria and Russian VCS are very effective. In fact, the militants independently designate their positions, and the Russian military security services need only a few minutes to inflict massive strikes. As a result, it is possible to avoid casualties among the civilian population, which is fired upon by militants with rockets and mortars, and also makes it possible to destroy the enemy and disable his heavy weapons ", - the military analyst believes.

According to the latest data, Syrian militants decided to surrender massively to government troops, so the process of obtaining control of the north-western suburbs of Homs is much easier. According to experts, in the near future Syrian government troops, actively supported by the Russian Air Force, may launch an offensive either to the southern suburb of Damascus, which is still being held by terrorists of the group "Islamic State" (a terrorist group whose activities are officially banned in the Russian territory Federation), or to the north-west of the SAR, where, with the support of the Turkish Armed Forces, it is possible to inflict a powerful blow to the militants.

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