British fighter jets spotted near Crimean borders

British fighters seen near the borders of the Crimea.

A group of two British fighters and one reconnaissance aircraft RC135W with the callsign RRR7224 was seen a few hours ago 120 kilometers from the borders of Russian airspace, approaching it from the Crimea. This is the first time British Eurofighter Typhoons have appeared since the crash of the American MQ-9 Reaper.

It is known that during the flight, British military aircraft turned off their transponders. This did not allow to reliably trace the route of their movement. However, the mission was very short. This may indicate that the intelligence concerned some originally set goals. In particular, it is assumed that the UK could receive information about the deployment of Russian ships and submarines, which does not exclude new attacks on Crimea using Ukrainian naval drones.

So far, there are no official statements about the rise in the sky of Russian fighters on duty, however, it is obvious that the movement of British aircraft was monitored.

Uufff!!!!...Parece que les viene ataque otra vez a Rusia. Están desquiciados y vienen con todo ya por todos. Mucho cuidado Rusia estén atentos, lo que sucedió en Siria no fué un juego, ni mucho un accidente.



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