China: Russia broke the deal on the sale of Tu-160 bombers

China is irritated by the disruption of Russia by the purchase of Ukrainian Tu-160.

At the end of the last century, China could easily become the owner of the Soviet strategic bomber missile carriers Tu-160, having agreed with Ukraine to purchase these aircraft at a very reasonable cost. Nevertheless, according to the publication of Beijing Steel, due to the fact that Russia intervened in this deal, and invited Ukraine to pay strategic bombers debts, formed for the supply of gas, the Ukrainian side decided to conclude negotiations with the PRC.

“With the collapse of the Soviet Union in Ukraine, 19 left strategic supersonic missile-carrier bombers Tu-160, which have no analogues in the world so far. Transferring these planes into the hands of another superpower would have made Russia weak, and taking advantage of the cunning and political pressure on Ukraine, this country has left its present ally without highly efficient bombers. ”, - the newspaper reports.

Considering the fact that it was about buying eight supersonic Tu-160 missile bombers, and also taking into account the PRC's ability to quickly establish aircraft production, today China could well become the most powerful superpower on the planet.

"China is definitely angry with Russia, despite the fact that almost two decades have already passed, in fact, it was she who completed the deal between Ukraine and the PRC, suggesting the Ukrainian side to buy these planes in payment for the cost of the previously delivered gas. Nevertheless, given the fact that the hypersonic bomber will appear in the arsenal of the Air Force of the PRC in the future, capable of moving at a speed of the order of 8-10 thousand km / h, the means of strategic aviation of this country can largely outrun not only the US but also Russia ", - said a specialist Avia.pro.

* Tu-160 "White Swan" - a Soviet supersonic strategic bomber-bomber with a variable sweep wing, developed by the Tupolev Design Bureau in the 1970's. Chief Designer - V.I. Bliznyuk.

That's when China will build at least one such hypersonic bomber, and then you will sing him laudatory songs. In the meantime, these are only dreams and nothing more.
Even a hypersonic missile can be made at a speed of more than 6 thousand km / h and then a problem for everyone. Because to obtain such speeds, absolutely new advanced technologies are needed, which China can not develop. We need new principles of aircraft movement, new principles of pilot control and survival. We need very different materials for airframe planes. And any woman can fantasize in the kitchen. Tongue with grind, do not chop wood.

Vasya, you do not know much about B-29. There they were not one, but six pieces, and not in Siberia, but in the Far East. So "accidentally" to drill all 6 could not. And from superfluous copied there the camera, which one of the pilots forgot in the cockpit. And it was not possible to copy them completely, because of different measurement systems. Everything had to be remade to its standards, in principle, the engines did not copy, put their own. So that, Vasya.


Copy and prepare a smartphone is more difficult. It is more technologically advanced. At the beginning of the 90, who could have guessed how China would develop. China has a developed industry than in Russia. But it is judiciously talked about only who did not study well at school and did not study at all further, although he has a diploma.

Copy and prepare a smartphone is more difficult. It is more technologically advanced. At the beginning of the 90, who could have guessed how China would develop. China has a developed industry than in Russia. But it is judiciously talked about only who did not study well at school and did not study at all further, although he has a diploma.

Because of technical malfunction in Siberia in the middle of the last century an American plane landed. Our copied to a cog and launched into production. In one of the details of the construction there was an aperture (accidentally drilled in the factory) not provided for in the design. Our did not understand this part was also made with a hole. Then there were ashtrays on the plane. Our people also made ashtrays, although our pilots are not allowed to smoke while doing the job. Subsequently, a Soviet plane appeared as a replica. Look for the model on the Internet. About this case was written even when there was no Internet in our country.

Who thought about 30 years ago that in China the industry will develop at such rates and where it will turn out and where will Russia be. Do not count your chickens before they are hatched.

Even if China does not copy such technologies, it would not even fly, but it needs them so much !!!

Yeltsin is a servant

A rotten article that is aimed at fueling a quarrel between Russia and China. At that time, China had no missiles for these aircraft. I do not see the point in this transaction, as all the drawings in the Tupolev Design Bureau in Kazan)

What are you, poor

... China could not repeat the finished model of the "Stalin economy" ... and repeat that 160 ... it's not a smartphone to copy ...

"" in the future in the armament of the PRC PRC will be a hypersonic bomber ""

Exactly what - in the future. So it's not very soon, not very bomber and not very supersonic ...

In general, there was a referendum, and 70% of those voting voted for the preservation of the USSR. It's another matter, it was not necessary for the Yeltsin gang.

Thanks to Boris Nikolayevich Yeltsin, he was concerned about the protection of the country, he managed to double the number of long-range aviation aircraft for only 285 million greenery, instead of eight Tu-160, there were as many as 16-t.

Take away these fighters from Ukraine, that would not have not got to anyone.

And what did you want from this drunkard and his hop managers like Chubais with all the kopmashka. Alas, you can not bring it back, now it's foolish to feel sorry, we must draw conclusions and continue to live on. And let the Chinese also act, time is gone.

infa ancient, as m-mammoth, 1999 year
Was in service

Ukraine, Long-range aviation of Ukraine - After the collapse of the USSR in Ukraine, at the Pryluky air base there were 19 Tu-160 airplanes. Since 1998, according to the Nunn-Lugar program, 10 aircraft were reclaimed by Ukraine, one was transferred to the museum, the remaining eight were transferred to Russia in payment for natural gas [69] [70]. In the presence of US senators Richard Lugar and Karl Levin, Tu-160 was cut with the 24 number, issued in 1989 and having 466 hours of raid. The second was recycled Tu-160 with the 13 number, built in 1991 and having a run of less than 100 hours [71].

8 September 1999 year in Yalta was signed an intergovernmental agreement between Ukraine and Russia on the exchange of 8 Tu-160, 3 Tu-95MS, 575 cruise missiles and airfield equipment in payment for Russia's natural gas worth 285 million dollars [72]. The transfer was completed 21 February 2000, when the last two Tu-160 flew to the airbase "Engels-2".

30 March 2000 Tu-160 Air Force of Ukraine with the 26 number flew to the Poltava Long-Range Aviation Museum [73]. Subsequently, the bomber was brought into a non-combatant state.

Kitaizy likes to snatch jerkily. There is enough history with the aircraft carrier, which Ukraine sold to them. They said that there will be a shopping and entertainment center, and what? And it became an aircraft carrier.Heatroots let them invent themselves!

When the country disintegrated, Yeltsin did not worry everyone threw everything and left as far as the mind had enough to redeem? In general, it is necessary not to recognize the Belovezh agreements because there was no referendum. We are very poorly working lawyers. Everything is now in the Ukraine exactly the same at us in 90 only there is no Banders but the mud was poured on everyone and everything.

Where does the swineherd can understand the eroplans?

China drawings are necessary, the rest they themselves will build ... Mom 29 them khokhly sold on the sly all the documentation, because of this and kipesh.

Lord, keep me seven, "and also taking into account the ability of China to quickly establish the production of aircraft" :-) Yes, China is right now nothing more complicated than the analogue Tu-16 50-year-old is not in service.

Fedul, to whom every Russian has blown! )))

It is doubtful somehow. These aircraft were cut to scrap metal at the request of the United States as a "gesture of goodwill" on the part of the USSR in the disintegration of the state. The sawing was carried out under the treaty on disarmament. Resale of strategic bombers was not envisaged.
And here is China? And how could he "be angry" if such a deal was not even planned at the end of 90?

Do not open the mouth of a foreign loaf. Not for China were built.

The main thing is that the Chinese navel is not untied, when they do
hypersonic bomber.
To make such a machine from zero is not to copy, like what they know best to do.

Fedul, read only the headlines? Or reads but does not understand what is written? Or just not successfully joked?

Raschka in his repertoire - he stuck his nose where not ask) And then he says, my friends, give money, buy it, sell it ...


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