A convoy of American Avenger air defense systems is seen moving from Poland to Ukraine

American air defense systems M1097 Avenger sent to Ukraine.

Residents of Poland report that they saw a convoy with American M1097 Avenger anti-aircraft missile systems moving towards the Ukrainian border. Judging by the video footage, we are talking about two air defense systems. However, it is reported that a total of 6 launchers on tractor trailers were moving towards the Ukrainian border.

On the video footage you can see one of the tractors carrying out the transfer of the M1097 Avenger air defense system in the direction of the Ukrainian border. Video footage was taken approximately 30 kilometers from the border with Ukraine. This indicates with a high degree of probability that these air defense systems are already on Ukrainian territory.

To date, these are the first M1097 Avenger complexes that have been seen being sent to the territory of Ukraine. Apparently, their delivery was caused by the need to strengthen the air defense of Ukraine, since during drone attacks, the positions of stationary air defense systems can be quickly identified and hit, while such highly mobile installations can be more effective.


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