Denis Manturov


Manturov: the demand for domestic aircraft will increase dramatically

The Minister of Industry and Trade stated about the prospects of promoting domestic aircraft.

According to Denis Manturov, in the next few years the demand for domestic passenger airliners Sukhoi SuperJet 100 and MC-21 will grow by 10-15%, which is mainly due to the requirements for new carriers that will be required to maintain a nominal number of domestic passenger liners in their fleet by age not older than 5 years.

This may be a very successful decision for the domestic aircraft industry, however, not all Russian air carriers are convinced that such a measure is appropriate, since this will lead to additional expenditure, since foreign airliners, although they are more expensive, but at the same time provide great promise of its use.

"due to the lack of a fleet of these machines in the world and no infrastructure for their service and repair at our airports" - the supertjets receive service in Italy as if

Well, why at once violent and bribe - and marketing is just the main weapon of business development - like reconnaissance in the army? A and B appeared on our market because they themselves allowed the collapse of the aircraft industry by oligarchs and thieves from power. The niche was almost empty. There it is correctly written: the initial price of the aircraft is all nonsense, since they are purchased through a leasing scheme, the main thing is the price of the content and the possibility of selling at a high residual price, which actually does not threaten not the superjet nor the ms-21 due to the lack of a park of these machines in the world and no infrastructure for their service and repair in our airports, but about the world in general you can not speak, plus licensing of safety, training of pilots and so on.

From all angles, we are told that we live in a "market economy" .... with all the "flowing" - the price of gasoline, the cost of ZhKH, the price of food, ....
But the ministers live by order, prohibitive, administrative laws ....
Falling down is easier, but to restore the HEAD is needed! ....

Violently invaded the Russian market (bribes and good marketing) - they must be forcibly expelled. Yes, there will be illnesses, yes, it will be necessary to put pressure on to improve production, but we must always work. To all the people.