The Turkish Ministry of Defense instructed to shoot down Russian planes over Syria. A photo

The Turkish Ministry of Defense has instructed to shoot down Russian planes over Syria.

The Turkish military received instructions from the Turkish Ministry of Defense to destroy Russian military aircraft over Syria, as the latter pose a threat to Turkey. Thus, according to documents released by the Swedish information resource Nordic Monitor, the Turkish Ministry of Defense gave instructions on the defeat of the Russian combat aircraft, despite a very serious incident that occurred with the destruction of the Russian Su-24 by Turkish air forces.

“Secret documents obtained by Nordic Monitor indicate that the Turkish military was preparing to destroy any Russian fighter that violates Turkish airspace after another incident in November 2015. According to the secret minutes of the military consultative meeting held on June 3, 2016 in Ankara, Hulusi Akar, then chief of the general staff and current minister of defense, emphasized the fact that the Turkish armed forces could attack another Russian aircraft in case of airspace violation. On November 24, 2015, the Russian Sukhoi Su-24M aircraft was shot down by Turkish F-16 fighters near the border with Syria, near the intersection of the Turkish province of Hatay and Syrian Latakia in the highlands. The destruction of the Russian aircraft caused a diplomatic scandal between the two countries. Russian President Vladimir Putin called it a “stab in the back,” until Moscow and Ankara agreed to restore relations in June 2016. "- сообщает “Nordic Monitor” by publishing relevant documents.

Nevertheless, a few days ago, anti-aircraft missiles were also fired at two Russian front-line bombers, and, in one of the cases with a launcher, a Turkish soldier was spotted, which probably indicates Ankara’s intentions to conduct an aggressive policy towards Russia.

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