EW Murmansk


On the border of Norway "heard" the work of the Russian EW "Murmansk-BN"

The performance of the Russian EW system Murmansk-BN was appreciated by ear.

A few hours ago, social networks reported that on the border of Norway and Russia, a rather strange phenomenon was observed, representing high-frequency oscillations on certain radio waves. Users describe this phenomenon as “high-frequency metal grinding”, however, experts believe that in reality this is one of the first cases when the work of the Russian EW systems was heard.

Judging by the data presented, the strongest radio interference was recorded in the Norwegian commune of Sor-Varanger, adjacent to the territory of the Russian Federation. Earlier in the area there were interruptions in the work of the global positioning system, however, information about serious radio interference appeared for the first time.

According to experts, we can talk about the interference generated by electronic jamming systems, which, by the way, are located a few kilometers from the border with Norway.

“It is quite likely that we are not talking about the Russian EW Krasukha complex, but about the EW Murmansk-BN complex, which can suppress radio communication at distances up to 4-5 thousand kilometers. It is impossible to assert that this is done purposefully, but it is precisely with such capabilities that it has "Murmansk-BN"», - the expert marks.

It should be clarified that earlier Norway had already stated that the Russian EW systems are creating the strongest interference in the northern part of the country, however, no objective evidence on this score was presented in this way.