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German politician: only the psycho wants war with Russia

Germany calls on the West to abandon aggression against Russia.

German politician Christian Lindner, who is the head of the Free Democratic Party of Germany (FDP), made a loud statement calling on the leaders of Europe to give up any provocations against Russia.

"No sensible person wants to engage in confrontation with Russia", - he said during a meeting in Berlin.

The leader of the opposition party FDP said that the West is completely unreasonably trying to apply aggressive measures towards Russia, completely not thinking about what will happen if Russia starts reacting to such provocations.

"Russia is not an aggressively-minded country and it is likely that the West should return to normal dialogue with this country, including renewing its membership in G8 (G8) or holding meetings in the new format" G7 + 1 "( "The Big Seven and Russia") ", - believes Christian Lindner.

Ordinary German citizens also oppose any provocations against Russia, believing that this country is a peaceful state.

"Russia has the most perfect aviation in the world, deadly missiles and bombs, capable of destroying half the planet. Did she attack someone? ", - the inhabitant of Bremen asserts.

"Germany has no reason to worry about the military power of Russia, because this country is not aggressively minded", - says one of the inhabitants of Hamburg.

It should be clarified that Germany has long been skeptical about setting up Europe by the US against Russia, which is due to the mutual political interests of the two countries.

Earlier it became known that the pilots of the German Air Force began to leave the service in large numbers, which was due to their direct unwillingness to get involved in a military conflict with Russia, to engage in provocations at Russian borders,