Perm Airport


Landing in Perm scared passengers "Aeroflot"

The aircraft "Aeroflot" could not the first attempt to land in Perm air harbor.

As the aviation resource, 22 May 2016 years, in the implementation of passenger flight from Moscow to Perm, Passenger aircraft owned by the air carrier "Aeroflot", could not be landing in the air harbor of its final destination. According to some information that we have obtained from the direct flight passengers, for only a moment before touching the runway, pilots rapidly gained altitude, and went to the second round, which likely indicates encountered technical problems with the chassis.

Officially, the reasons for the accident has not commented on Russian air carrier were.

The same situation was today Aeroflot plane, flying from Moscow to St. Petersburg (SU16 flight).
Directly above the strip, a second before CONTACT A, the aircraft began to accelerate, and went to the second round.
While the circle made of the city center.
There was no panic, but a pleasant sensation, too, was not.