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Putin: Japan itself is asking for military pressure

Vladimir Putin stressed Japan’s attempts to get into conflict with Russia.

As part of the Valdai Forum, President Vladimir Putin of the Russian Federation touched upon the topic of Japan, which has in recent months made provocative statements to Russia. According to Vladimir Putin, this not only does not improve relations between the two countries, but also seriously worsens them.

“We create, we try to create conditions for trust. Japan took and imposed sanctions against us. Is this a step to trust? Why did you do it? To increase confidence? And, nevertheless, we do not refuse dialogue ", - said the Russian president.

In fact, the appearance on the islands, which Japan considers controversial, of Russian combat aircraft, anti-ship missiles and modern anti-aircraft defense, is a response to the actions of the Japanese authorities.

“Remember yourself, Shinzo Abe was categorically in favor of improving relations with Russia. Nevertheless, in recent months, provocative statements have been made that can be considered aggressive towards Russia. Abe spoke not only about intentions to increase political pressure on Russia, but also declared his readiness to expel the “Russians” from the islands. Putin simply made it clear that Japan itself is asking for military pressure from Russia, although no aggression is coming - Russia only strengthens the defense of its borders, while Shinzo Abe views this as building up power against Japan. ”, - the analyst notes.

Business in Russia - to snatch and prozhrat. There is no other
Therefore, there is nothing to maintain. Only the army and special services are the backbone of the state. When people otrygnet iPhones and Big Macs and get together with the head - thanks say. All over the world, large-scale industry is under the complete control of the state. and small medium business is only a service sector. Well, about the victory. The enemy must be destroyed and not to win

What are you talking about, informed? At the beginning of its history, the Russian people did not exist further than the Volga. Once it came to that, the Hokaydo (and Sakhalin in addition) were originally the territory of such peoples as the Ainu, Nivkh and Evenk, which are few in number today, because at one time they got from both the Japanese and the Soviet authorities that reached the Far East. Do not sow conspiracy nonsense online.

"We are now in a steep dive down" are you talking about yourself in the plural in the conscious, or have you not yet come out of the "dive"?

Power is killing business. Petrodollars are spent on security officials and byzhetzhetnikov. Around the enemies. No allies. Islands? It's a question of time. And do not think that hurray-patriotism is able to defeat the entire high-tech West, Japan, Australia, Israel, etc.

We do not need tolerance.
And do not need to repeat.
And then an hour on the globe can become one island less.

It always happens with weak creatures and states. We are now at a steep dive down, with beautiful songs from gentlemen about prosperity and a strong state. The longer this situation lasts, the more serious consequences for the country will be. The authorities live by the principle: I myself am not a din and will not give power to others.

Hokkaido island, originally Russian territory. Read Our Decree on the inclusion of this land and residents under Our patronage

what can we expect from a country that wags its tail to those who bombed it with nuclear weapons

Well, 41 is better not to remember. Call trouble!

It is necessary to turn to the Japanese military with the thesis about the impossibility of transferring the islands of Habomai, Iturup, Shikotan - since this is the only ice-free exit of the Navy to the Ocean! But let them put their own, joint development of the islands and so on ...

We won fascism, we will win and the whole world, we must be bold, and not to say that we do not want peaceful warriors, remember 41,

The history of claims to the Kuriles from Japan is nothing more than a political ONANISM! It turns out that there is not even a samurai honor in Japan. Having lost the Second World War, they still have not come to terms with this and want to revise its results through political whining and intrigue. These are empty efforts. According to the Constitution of the Russian Federation, after the war, these islands form part of Russia and don’t give up what they conquered (read, admitting their defeat in the war), even the liberals controlled by the US State Department, for this is a violation of the Constitution.