Bombing of Yugoslavia


Russia reminded the world of the crimes of NATO in Yugoslavia

The Russian Federation recalls the 20 anniversary of NATO war crimes in Yugoslavia.

On Sunday, March 24 was twenty years old since the day NATO launched the 1999-day bombardment of sovereign Yugoslavia in NATO’s 78 year. After the end of the Second World War, this was the first act of aggression in Europe. Having violated international law, completely ignoring the country's independence, the aggressors committed a whole series of war crimes. Until now, none of the NATO command and politicians in the West have been punished.

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the 20 anniversary of the beginning of the NATO aggression against Yugoslavia published its statement in which the ministry reminds the world of the actions of the alliance that began two decades ago.

The North Atlantic bloc did not have any legitimate grounds for aggression, first of all, we are talking about the absence of a mandate from the UN Security Council. By attacking a sovereign country, the NATO bloc grossly violated all the fundamental principles of international law. These principles are enshrined in the UN Charter, the Helsinki Final Act, in the international obligations of the member states of the bloc.

Russian Foreign Ministry recalls that barbaric bombing, called NATO "Humanitarian intervention" killed nearly two thousand civilians, including 89 children. This is the official data. The death toll is probably more. Even now, twenty years later, many Serbs are listed as missing.

We must not forget that NATO aircraft used bombs with depleted uranium. This now provides consequences such as a surge of cancer.

Simultaneously with the aggression, the alliance launched a parallel activity for the sake of rejecting Serbia from Kosovo. Because of this, ethnic cleansing began, temples collapsed, hundreds of thousands of refugees appeared in the center of Europe on the threshold of the 21st century.

Under the protection of NATO bombardment by Albanians, monstrous crimes were committed. It came to the abduction of Serbs with targets for trafficking in human organs. Such facts were revealed by D. Marty, in the PACE report, made in December 2010. The Russian Foreign Ministry stresses that a lot of war criminals are currently not only not punished, but are also in leading positions in Kosovo.

As for NATO, the war crimes committed by the alliance in Yugoslavia, in the bloc, continue to be called a humanitarian operation. "Against the tyranny of Milosovic".