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Russian anti-aircraft gunners repulsed a massive helicopter attack

Russian anti-aircraft gunners successfully repulsed a massive helicopter attack.

As part of ongoing exercises at the "Yeisk" training ground, Russian anti-aircraft gunners successfully repelled a massive helicopter attack of the conventional enemy, hitting all the designated targets. During the exercises "Clear Sky-2018", Russian anti-aircraft gunners showed excellent results, repulsing the attack of 40 helicopters, suddenly appeared over the shore of the Azov Sea.

"Unlike last year, the commanders of military units took a combat decision not for the platoon commander, but a step higher - for the battery commander. This allowed us to significantly improve the quality of combat training of officers of the military air defense ", - follows from the statement of the Chief of Air Defense of the Ground Forces of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

In fact, these exercises demonstrated the maximum combat readiness of Russian anti-aircraft units to ensure the security of the airspace of the Russian Federation. Despite the fact that it is primarily a controversial opponent, the task of the units was as complicated as possible, but even under rather difficult conditions, the Russian military demonstrated a first-class result.

It should be clarified that the reflection of the helicopter attack occurred on the part of the Sea of ​​Azov, which, according to foreign experts, allowed to demonstrate the successful defeat of air targets from the following from the territory of Ukraine, however, as military analysts emphasized, it was exclusively about the tactics of military deterrence.

In total, about 30 units of military equipment were involved in military exercises, including both the one that has already become familiar to the Russian army and the new, just beginning to be introduced into the troops.

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