Hypersonic missile of the People's Republic of China


The Russian "Dagger" will be inferior to the Chinese analog

China announced the appearance of a hypersonic missile capable of circling the planet in 1,5 hours.

The Chinese hypersonic missile can make a big rival to the Russian X-47M2 missile, which has recently appeared on the experimental combat alert, quite a lot of competition. This is due primarily to the fact that, according to the Chinese edition of "Sina", at the moment, experts from China are developing a hypersonic missile that can accelerate to a speed of 20 times the speed of sound, that is, in fact, it is a rocket , capable of circling the planet in only an hour and a half.

“The Russian hypersonic rocket is a powerful weapon capable of greatly changing the military balance on the planet. Nevertheless, the Russian X-47М2 rocket can move at a speed of 12,5 thousand / h., While being developed in the PRC, at the final stage of its flight, it can reach a speed twice as high. ”, - says the publication.

Considering some unconfirmed data, it should be noted that the Chinese hypersonic rocket will have a relatively small range of flight - about 2-2.5 thousand kilometers, but given the fact that it is supposed to be used on supersonic bombers, and, quite likely, we are talking about a hypersonic aircraft, a long range of flight and it is not required.

It should be clarified that China is already testing its hypersonic missile, however, given that no official statements about the tests have been made, it is logical to assume that scientists continue to refine this missile.

Previously, the resource Avia.pro already reported that in the future Russian specialists can develop a hypersonic missile for strategic bombers Tu-160, which can hit targets at distances of the order of 5 thousand kilometers.

The project can be and was created under the USSR, but the missile has flown by now ....

To carry out development ... does not mean to have ... will start with "strategists" -Too-16 ..?!

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Now we are making a mess that it was stolen from us, etc., although the project of a hypersonic missile was still created in the USSR

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