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Aircraft of Pobeda Airlines crash landing in Armenia

The plane of the Russian low-cost airline “Victory” crashed in Gyumri.

A few hours ago, during a flight to Gyumri, the plane of the domestic air carrier Pobeda made an emergency landing. According to Interfax, the aircraft hit its tail part on the surface of the runway — there were about 170 passengers on board.

“All passengers, of the order of 170 people, regularly left the plane independently. Evacuation by inflatable ramps was not required. According to preliminary data, the tail of the aircraft and elevators received damage ”, - the message says "Interfax».

It is known that as a result of a plane strike on the runway, none of those on board the aircraft were injured

For what reason, the crew of a possible vessel could not make a full-time landing - it is not known, while representatives of the domestic luokoster have already announced that it is not worth making premature conclusions about a hard landing.

At the moment, it remains unknown whether the aircraft will be able to perform a return flight - no official data has been provided on this subject.