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Switzerland: Russia is ready to arrange Armageddon, just to prove its power

In Switzerland, they believe that Russia is "flirting" with the end of the world.

According to experts from Switzerland, any pressure on Russia from the West will not lead to the fact that Russia will somehow give up its position on the world stage, but only aggravate the position of Europe and the United States. Analysts believe that the fear of another world war is almost completely lost in Russia, and the same withdrawal of the United States of America from the Treaty on the Elimination of Medium and Small-Range Missiles will only lead to Russia's military buildup and launch a mechanism for developing new types of weapons, which Russia clearly a leader.

As an example, experts cite the recent statement by Igor Korotchenko, in which the specialist mentioned that the deployment of Russian nuclear weapons at the borders of the United States would quickly strike back at the United States of America in the event of the slightest aggression from that state.

"... So that the Americans know that if they attack us, we will strike back ...", - follows from the official statement.

Moreover, according to analysts, Russia is considering the possibility of initiating a global cataclysm at all, as Konstantin Sivkov, president of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems, said earlier, suggesting that an 100 atomic bomb of megatons be dropped on the USA:

"... For example, on supervolcano in Yellowstone Reserve and Pacific Rift ..."

In fact, Swiss journalists believe that further opposition between the West and Russia will create only a lot of problems, and will not resolve differences.

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