Turkish F-16


Media talked about the massive breakthrough of Turkish F-16s into Syrian airspace

The media reported a breakthrough of Turkish F-16s into Syrian airspace.

Contrary to the fact that two of the most long-range air defense and missile defense systems in the world are currently located in Syria, the media reported a breakthrough in the defensive capabilities of these systems by Turkish F-16 fighters.

“At the moment, there are several options for modern air defense systems in Syria: the Russian S-400 air defense systems based on the Khmeimim, the Pantsir air defense missile systems, as well as the S-300 air defense systems, which were previously delivered to increase the capabilities of the Syrian air defense system. At the same time, the military section of Sohu says that the Turkish Air Force "with special desire could break through the air defense of the SAR." It is recalled that the Turkish Air Force has more than 250 F-16 fighters of various modifications, including the F-16D Block 50+. ”- приводит information publication "Military Review" with reference to foreign media.

This is a possible massive attack by the Turkish Air Force, however, in this case, the losses of Turkey will be unimaginably large.

“Even if we assume that the Russian and Syrian air defense systems can’t cope with Turkey’s massive air attack, for Ankara the losses will be disproportionately huge - 80-90% of combat aircraft will simply be destroyed and the Turkish Air Force will simply cease to exist. Moreover, Turkey does not have long-range missiles capable of hitting targets at long distances, and therefore, such a “breakthrough” is a real suicide. ”, - the expert marks.

But what can stop them? Israel has shown that in the sky of Syria you can do what you want and you won’t be anything for it.

With a massive attack, perhaps the Turks will have nowhere to return.

and no matter how many of them return to the base, you can break through everything, but the most important thing will return


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