Air Asia crash


Rescuers found on the bottom of the Java Sea "black box" crashed aircraft

Rescuers managed to find a "black box" crashed 28 December passenger airliner company "Air Asia".

As it became known from official sources, who voiced this information, one of the "black boxes" of the aircraft Airbus A320 It was discovered at once by three ships in 800 meters from the location of the tail section of the aircraft, raised the day before from the water. Among other things, the management of the search operation stated with a large degree of certainty that the "black box" itself will be raised to the surface on Monday, 12 January, after which it will be possible to begin deciphering the information located in it.

The main difficulty encountered by rescuers in the search for "black boxes" is the muddy bottom of the Yavan Sea, which, in the absence of suitable weather, practically reduces search operations to none.