Shelling Syria


Urgent: Syrian Aleppo fired chlorine shells

The Syrian city of Aleppo was shelled with chlorine shells.

This morning it became known that on the night from Saturday to Sunday, the Syrian city of Aleppo was subjected to massive shelling from the militants holding the province of Idlib. It is reported that the city was fired from 120-mm. mortars, in this case, used artisanal shells filled with chlorine. As a result of the attacks, more than seven dozen residents of Syrian Aleppo were hospitalized with symptoms of poisoning, but they were provided with qualified assistance.

At the moment, a group of Russian military has arrived in Aleppo in Syria, who have to study the extent of the shelling, and identify the chemicals used to attack civilians.

According to analysts, the militants and terrorists attempted to attack the positions of the Syrian military, but due to the lack of precise coordination, they attacked areas with civilians.

Who exactly is behind the attack on Syrian Aleppo is still unknown, however, Syrian media have already reported that this attack could lead to a breakdown in the Idlib agreements and will cause the resumption of the offensive operation on militants and terrorists, including through attraction of Russian combat aircraft.

It should be clarified that the Russian military command in Syria has not yet commented on the shelling of Syrian Aleppo.

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