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The total defeat of the militants in Syria by the Russian air forces. Video

An attempt by terrorists to drive out Assad’s troops from Idlib and Aleppo ended in unprecedented losses.

The large-scale terrorist attack on the position of the SAA in Idlib and Aleppo ended in a massive defeat for the militants. As soon as tanks and armored vehicles began to advance into the attack areas, Russian bombers and Syrian artillery launched a large-scale strike, as a result of which the militants lost at least 8 tanks and 12 armored personnel carriers, while manpower losses could amount to several hundred people. Any losses from the Syrian and Russian military were avoided.

On the presented video frames, you can see how Russian military aviation strikes at militants and the equipment they use. All the strikes achieved their goals, while the adjustment was carried out from unmanned aerial vehicles, which obviously means that in the sky above the positions of terrorists there are constantly drones and reconnaissance aircraft, ready to immediately destroy the militants if the latter attempt to attack the SAA positions .

Experts note that it is obvious that at the moment, the militants are only delaying the taking of the remaining part of the territory in northwestern Syria under Syrian control, and the latter suffer losses not only in the offensive, but also in defense.

“At the moment, everything depends on negotiations, which the militants completely ignore. Sooner or later Russia will get tired of it and the militants will be bombed day and night - the last thing left is either to capitulate or to be destroyed - their time of terror in Syria has come to an end ”- said expert Avia.pro

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Militants, they are militants dependent on someone, not a regular army, so there is no need to fantasize and make them a "blown bear"! They exist at the expense of Turkey.


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