Donald Trump


Trump urged to isolate Iran as a terrorist country

Donald Trump, speaking at the UN, called for the isolation of Iran as a sponsor of the world terrorist.

Speaking to the UN General Assembly, the President of the United States of America accused Iran of dispersing chaos and terrorism, stressing that this country should be isolated, having achieved the elimination of yet another world threat.

"We can not allow the largest sponsor of terrorism on the planet to possess the most dangerous weapons of the planet. The leaders of Iran are sowing chaos, death and destruction. We ask the society to isolate the Iranian regime as long as its aggression continues, and we ask all countries to support the Iranian people, as they are struggling to regain their religious and righteous destiny ", - said Donald Trump.

According to analysts, the sharp statement of the US president will only worsen the relations between the two countries, moreover, such an appeal to the UN, most likely emphasizes that Iran could become the next US goal in the Middle East, and the bombing of this country may begin already next year, as Iran's build-up of military might seriously weaken the US position in this region.

In the world, by the way, Trump's words were very skeptical

"How many wars did Iran unleash over the past three decades?" None! How many wars and local conflicts did the United States of America unleash? Countless numbers! Peaceful people perish daily from American bombs, which indicates the need to isolate not Iran, but the US ", - Facebook user commented on Trump's speech.

"The United States lost to Syria, and now it is aimed at Iran. The US is a hypocrite and an invader! ", - comments the position of Trump user "Twitter".