Air strikes against Syria


Thousands of militants and terrorists were destroyed by the Russian Space Forces in Syria

Russian VKS destroyed several thousand militants in Syria.

According to data provided by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, in 2018, the Russian Aerospace Forces actively participated in the liberation of the Syrian Arab Republic, inflicting thousands of blows on insurgents and terrorists. According to the data presented, only from the beginning of the current year, with the direct support of the Air and Space Forces of the Russian Federation, more than 23 thousand militants and terrorists were destroyed by the Syrian military.

Nevertheless, as analysts emphasize, Russia has significantly reduced participation in combat operations in Syria, as evidenced by the almost completely missing sorties for strikes, and the reduction of the formation of VKS in the territory of the Arab Republic. On the other hand, it is possible that the Russian Aerospace Forces can take part in an offensive operation on the positions of militants and terrorists in the province of Idlib, where destabilization of the situation is currently being observed, as expressed in the resumption of attacks on the Russian military Hmeimim airbase, the shelling of civilians, and attacks on the positions of Syrian government forces.

The last time the Russian Aerospace Forces participated in attacking militant positions after the Syrian city of Aleppo was subjected to mortar shelling, and chemical weapons were used against civilians.

And no one is hiding and not hiding. Everything is in open sources.

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