Emergency landing


At the passenger liner of airline "PskovAvia", two wheels burst during landing

A passenger plane operating a flight from St. Petersburg to Kursk He made an emergency landing because of broken wheels.

Two wheels of a passenger airliner burst at the moment when the plane had already begun the process of braking on the runway, and that is why the passengers almost did not feel the emergence of an emergency. None of the passengers, as well as the crew members who were aboard at that time, was injured, but the aircraft itself is currently unsuitable for use, which is why a reserve aircraft was called for the return flight.

The reasons why the two wheels of a passenger aircraft of the airline “burst”Pskovavia"Remain unknown. According to some reports, this was due to excessive adhesion of the wheels to the surface of the runway, and according to other data, the wheels of the passenger aircraft were damaged before the time of landing. Be that as it may, in the details of an emergency, a specially created commission is being investigated.