Powerful explosions occurred in Chernigov

Explosions occurred in the Ukrainian city of Chernigov, after which a column of smoke rose over the city. Local media reported the incident, the details of which remain unknown. The incident occurred against the backdrop of an air raid warning, which affected not only Chernigov, but also Kyiv, as well as a number of other regions of Ukraine.

The explosions in Chernigov occurred shortly after the alarm was announced, which suggests the use of Iskander operational-tactical missile systems or Kinzhal hypersonic missile systems. These systems are capable of delivering strikes with high precision and can be used to destroy strategically important objects or infrastructure in a minimum time, preventing air defense systems from responding.

Explosions in Chernigov

At this time, authorities have not provided information about the possible consequences or scale of destruction. There is also no information about which objects could have been hit as a result of the attack.


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