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Supersonic passenger airplane


Dubai has a unique supersonic passenger airplane

Aircraft builders from the US intend to conquer the world by passenger supersonic aircraft.

The concept of the future supersonic passenger aircraft Boom Supersonic, the American company Boom Technology, presented the day before in Dubai. According to official data, the passenger plane Boom Supersonic will be able to carry up to 55 passengers on its board, moving at the speed of about 2400 km / h, which will allow them to cover the distance between London and Dubai in only 4,5 hours.

A key feature of Boom Supersonic supersonic aircraft is the "silent" technology used, which means that these aircraft will not generate more noise than conventional passenger liners.

Implement a supersonic passenger Boom Supersonic project is planned for 2025, and, given the current trends, new aircraft may well push small planes off the market, as they will be able to deliver passengers from one corner of the planet to another in 2,5 times faster.


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Already there were TU-144 and Concord, and where are they now? The invention of an economically failing "bicycle".