Germany announced the supply of American GLSDB missiles to Ukraine for HIMARS systems

Germany announced the transfer to Ukraine of missiles for HIMARS, "capable of hitting the Crimea."

The information that the latest package of arms supplies to Ukraine included GLSDB adjustable ammunition, which can be used in conjunction with the HIMARS and MLRS systems and allow strikes at distances of the order of 150-170 kilometers, has received some confirmation in Germany. Officially, the United States did not report on the supply of such weapons, noting, however, that some improved ammunition was transferred to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. However, the German edition «Süddeutsche Zeitung» reported that the Armed Forces of Ukraine received from the United States small-sized glide bombs capable of hitting targets in the Crimea, while the GLSDB ammunition stands for "Ground-Launched Small Diameter Bomb" or "Ground-Launched Small Diameter Bombs."

“The United States supplied weapons on a much larger scale than Germany and other European allies. Among them are new types of mini-bombs that can be used with a longer range and can hit, for example, Russian warehouses in the Crimea. Therefore, there is no absolute parallelism of supply.”, - reports the German publication "Süddeutsche Zeitung".

There is no direct indication that we are talking about GLSDB ammunition, however, earlier journalists have already reported that deliveries of these weapons to Ukraine have already taken place, however, in very small quantities.


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