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In Nevada, a Russian combat fighter crashed

In the United States, a Russian fighter jet crashed.

According to information and news agency, an air crash involving a combat fighter took place yet 5 September, while the military command refused to comment on this incident. US media reports that the tragedy occurred in Nevada, and the Su-27 (there is also a version of what is referred to as the Su-30 fighter) was ruled by Lieutenant Colonel Eric Schulz.

The circumstances under which the Russian combat fighter turned out to be on the US base are still unknown, however, journalists report that the fighters could get to the US from Indonesia in order to study the capabilities of these aircraft.



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In order not to disgrace our own aviation, the United States was moved to Nevada, the United States, by arrows to Russia, to Russian planes, because it can be admitted that their own aircraft scrapped, be it a Russian plane, they would, from the first minute, and so they mutilated, muddied the water and came up with an excuse!