Fighter ATN-51


In Russia, there will be another fighter 5-th generation?

On arms of Russia there can appear one more fighter of the 5 generation.

The development of the latest Russian fighter of the fifth generation, better known by rumors as ATN-51 "Black Plague", is approaching its final stage. According to some data presented in various Russian mass media, the new aircraft is planned to be tested already by 2020, and if the tests are successful, then by 2025, this fighter can be adopted by the Russian VKS.

Due to the secrecy of the project, practically nothing is known about the newest aircraft, however, analyzing the information provided in various sources, it can be noted that this fighter has been developing for about 7 years, which indirectly confirms information that the design work related to the aircraft The final stage. The fighter itself is created mainly to gain air superiority, but it is expected that the aircraft will be able to hit the ground (surface) targets in a highly efficient manner.

In all likelihood, the development of the newest Russian fighter of the fifth generation is being carried out by the MiG corporation, and taking into account the great experience of these Russian aircraft builders, the fighter is likely to be able to develop supersonic speed and gain a high flight altitude, because, according to unconfirmed reports, it is created specifically for interception of enemy air targets.

“It is quite logical that two fifth-generation fighters should appear in service with Russia, in connection with which the information presented may well correspond to reality. The name of ATN-51 “Black Plague” assigned by users of the Internet is probably nothing more than an invention, since the name of the aircraft is assigned after successfully passing all the tests, and such a loud name would surely attract much attention to the secret project ”, - said military specialist

It should be clarified that there is as yet no official information on the new Russian fighter.

We have not yet appeared the old, and already new as it is?

so there is the same in the world 5 as many 4 models .... after the appearance of the first model you can lay down the characteristics for the next

And you did not hear about a side or detail engine, etc!

if the 5 generation was not created, then according to the idea of ​​the 6 generation, well, it can not appear at all (at least the order of numbers goes strictly by numbering).

Dmitry, instead of writing idiotic comments and making yourself an ignoramus, drive in Google, according to what characteristics distinguish 4 from the 5-th generation (dynamic vector of traction, concealed weapons, radar in AFAR instead of SCHAR, cruising subsonic, etc .) but I'm sure that these words mean nothing to you, so just accept as a reality, and with the generations of the designer themselves will understand.

As far as I know, the 6 generation is an airplane that can fly in near space, and is also a robotic unmanned airplane!

and why not the 10 or 15 generation start building fighter planes?
by what criteria do you distinguish the 5 and 6 generation fighters?

People wake up T 50 about which you hung up in the subject can not be an 5 distributor of the first generation it was started to be created yet in the USSR later the collapse was frozen and resumed again but already of the type 5 generation that's all there is a documentary movies look it will be all clear

Of course, there is an old documentary about 50 that it was developed back in the USSR, we already need an 6 generation distributor to do it and not the fifth

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Yuri, you are right ... every new achievement of Russia causes a sea of ​​hatred in spiteful people. Apparently well pays for this pseudo-Russian ...

How many # $ # $ # $ came running. In the alliance there was a competition between the instant and the dry, because the planes turned out better, if the nose withers from the sou, it will be very good, and the replacement of the mig-29 is long overdue, and I think if the money for a moment appears, then for the improved version Mom-31 can take.

And what ... Russia has a hawk. Eupyat generation ????????????

it's silly when aviation experts comment on profane!

Yes, what is there to discuss, what a plague? Do not waste time commenting, to become a stupid pseudoscientific lie, a picture is an old graphic concept and no more

"Given the great experience of these Russian aircraft builders, the fighter is likely to be able to develop supersonic speed and gain a high flight altitude" - yes, you, Th !?
apparently, he can fly?
the depth of thought of articles on the site from the feet of falls.

Yes, it's time for us to make a new 5-generation aircraft, and then t-50 is already out of date.

One can not bring to mind, but here they create another. Aircraft corporations have found a niche in which you can pull money from the budget indefinitely.

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Again the cartoons from Vova? only a fool will create a second plane of the fifth generation, until the first one has passed the test, oh yes, we are at home, I forgot ...


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