Ministry of Defense of Great Britain


United Kingdom: we will show Putin who is in charge in the world

Britain is in favor of breaking the treaty on the elimination of medium and short-range missiles.

The head of the Ministry of Defense of Great Britain, Gavin Williamson, stated that Great Britain fully supports the intentions of the United States of America to withdraw from the Treaty on the Elimination of Intermediate-Range and Short-Range Missiles. According to Williamson, this policy will allow Russia to show who really is the most powerful nation on the planet.

According to the British edition of the Financial Times, Gavin Williamson said that he fully supports the decision of the American president, especially given the fact that Russia is “cheating” and is developing and building new missiles contrary to the terms of the INF Treaty.

“Of course, we would like this agreement to continue, but this requires the efforts of both parties, and now one side is ignoring it. It is Russia that violates it, and it is Russia that needs to bring order to itself. ”- said the British Minister of Defense.

Analysts, in turn, called Gavin Williamson's words hasty, noting that breaking a treaty could mean nothing to the United States, while for Europe such a decision would be a serious test.

“In the UK, they do not realize that as soon as the US leaves the INF Treaty, Russia will begin to actively arm, and we are talking about short-range and medium-range missiles, which can only be sent to the European allies of the United States, including the UK”, - the expert marks.

Earlier, the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sergey Lavrov, said that if Trump does withdraw from the INF Treaty, Russia will immediately take action.

to you great britans, we don’t need to show anything, you have already paraded for a hundred years. We will never forgive you the sponsorship that you provided to terrorists in the Caucasus, for killing children in Beslan, for hijacking hospitals, for terrorist attacks in Moscow and in our other cities, the Russian language told you that the GDP did not only GDP).

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Take it easy guys! All these cries from the other side of powerlessness, something to do with Russia.

And what does the UK have to do with it? What, did the agreement conclude between Russia and the USA + the United Kingdom (now a branch of Israel.) So there is no such information. What does the UK have no problems with, that it climbs into the problems of the USA?

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Dmitry Malkovsky, "Svyatochny story"

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Tell Gavn that it is not for him to teach Russia what to do.

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Approaching the end of both the United States and their vassals-Anglo-Saxons

At first, the Anglo-Saxons engaged in a banal reket, squeezing enterprises, eliminating competitors with the help of so-called "sanctions", and now began the usual robbery with the threat of weapons. On whom you will fall, it is possible and to turnip in turnips.

In vain, however, Britain climbs into the same hole in which Trump is thrust. My opinion of Trump is thrust there by his opponents in order to later prove his inconsistency. For Trump, it will be a blow, but survived. But for May ... I do not know. Rather crushing.

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Leaving aside the question of who farted first, we note that the behavior of British ministers fully corresponds to the status of Great Britain - a mongrel at the feet of the host.