Video: police outrage at the airport "Domodedovo" outraged millions of Russians

The situation with the beating of a policeman at the airport "Domodedovo" was a shock to millions of Russians.

19 August 2018 year in the Moscow airport "Domodedovo", police officers in abusive form, with unreasonable use of physical force, detained a man, beating him in front of a woman and a child. This fact was on the video, which caused a sharp resonance in the society.

According to official data, law enforcement officers drew attention to a man who, in their opinion, was in a state of intoxication, as a result of which they tried to detain a man, but resorting to this in an offensive manner and using brute physical force, in front of a woman and child.

"According to preliminary data, 19 August 2018 year in the capital's Domodedovo airport police officers arrested a man who is in a state of intoxication, while using physical strength", - said the Acting. the head of the Moscow Investigation Department for air and water transport A. Zadorin.

Nevertheless, with social networks, information appeared that the police initially began to insult the man, and the request to apologize, began to apply against him a brute physical force, as demonstrated in the video footage.

Attention! Video recording may contain signs of physical violence and obscene language

The video shows how a policeman literally beats a man, although he does not have any resistance to the law enforcement officer, while another policeman keeps, absolutely groundless, a woman sitting next to her on the chair. The police are not at all embarrassed by the presence of a child who, in all likelihood, tries to protect his father, while law enforcement officers use obscene language.

"These are not police officers, but real werewolves. I hope our justice will have enough motivation to not just dismiss these monsters, but also to get a criminal case against them ", - comments video recording user social network "Vkontakte".

"These" censorship "should have been" censored "themselves", - comments one of the users of the service "Youtube".

"In my opinion, the police are only taken to flag people, and not to protect them", - the Facebook user comments on the incident.

"Hooray, at last the most dangerous criminal is caught. Now the police need to give medals ..., no, better than the order, yeah, the "heroes" of Russia ", - noted with sarcasm user "Vkontakte".

"Why not name the names of" heroes "?! The country would be very grateful to them! They would be discussed by millions of people! ", - the user "Youtube" asks the question.

It should be clarified that the fact of the beating of a man has already begun an investigation, but the progress of this case was given precisely by a resonant video.

There were appeals: to the Domodedovo Public Prosecutor's Office (answered that there was no AP and NO), to the Domodedovo Regional Department of Internal Affairs, to the General Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation, to the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs and 3 times to the President of the Russian Federation. And the overall result is zero, because even a “world” court was arranged over a woman to send her to a mental hospital: they came from guardianships, false lawyers, a false assistant prosecutor, and the woman was caught like a fish, and when a policeman caught Semenov, then 4 hours forced her to wait when they get together !!! During the 11 months of persecution, a woman was never asked about this incident: "You have no right to testify" ....

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