The runway "Sheremetyevo" for 56 billion rubles was unsuitable for operation

Built in "Sheremetyevo" runway was unsuitable for use.

The construction of a new runway at the Sheremetyevo airport in the capital, for which, according to rough estimates, 55,7 billion rubles was allocated, proved to be unpromising, since the runway was unsuitable for operation. The high-rise buildings were to blame for this, which does not provide security for the take-off of large passenger airliners, and also creates additional inconveniences for residents of the surrounding areas.

According to some data, the runway of the Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport will still be operated, but with a number of restrictions, in particular, we are talking about a limited number of flights performed at night, limited to the maximum take-off mass of airliners, etc.

Why during the construction of the runway, these factors were not foreseen initially, yet remains unknown, but starting from March 2019, the runway will already be put into operation, which, with a number of restrictions, does not bear any advantages for the capital's air harbor.