Russian Deputy Representative to the UN said that the "reddest lines" by the West have not yet been crossed

The West has crossed the "red lines" but has not crossed the "reddest lines".

Deputy Permanent Representative of Russia to the UN Dmitry Polyansky spoke about the current situation in relations between Russia and the West. According to Polyansky, the actions of the West have already violated the “red lines” previously established by the Russian side, but the “reddest lines” have not yet been crossed.

What exactly Polyansky means by crossing the “red lines” is still unknown, however, according to experts, we are talking about the supply by the West to Ukraine of various types of offensive weapons. No less questions were raised by the wording about the "reddest lines", however, it may well be about providing Ukraine with "assistance" in delivering strikes on key targets in Russia.

Earlier it was reported that the Russian side would consider the supply of weapons to Ukraine with a greater range than Ukraine had at that moment (92 kilometers for M31 ammunition for HIMARS and MLRS systems - ed.) as the crossing of the "red lines" the supply of weapons to Ukraine.

In the event of further escalation from the West, the conflict between Russia and the West may well escalate from political to armed.



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