Photo of stewardesses made at the right moment

stewardesses embrace


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Look that the swallows get up !!!

My first love was also a flight attendant in Koltsovo-39 years have not seen!?

I like flying very much, I like aviation, and flight attendants are just fascinating. Tired of politics, dirt, elections ...

Beautiful woman's legs are cute and the figures are also on top

Well done girls! I do not know about your work, I've traveled a lot myself, I know all aspects of the job. Thank you very much!

Girls! Thank you for your hard work!
... and yes! Legs pleased !!!!!

Good legs with girls!

Well done girl stewardess on the positive so keep on and please your cool photos. But in fact they have not an easy job as it seems. Thank you girls keep it up !!!!!:



Best in the world of aviation

Pilot, messed up airports in the US, suspended from work
January 14 2014. The ship had to make a landing in Branson, but the pilot, mistaking the city, landed in the district Thoene (Missouri).
Air carriers US film "The Day After Tomorrow" came to life.
The evaluation was conducted on the basis of nineteen thousands of canceled data and seventy six thousand delayed flights from the 1 6 for January.
After the flight to Beijing woman died of bird flu
January 9 2014. She died in the hospital of Alberta. Tests have confirmed that a woman's body has been infected with a virus H5N1.
The crisis of the airline "Transaero"?
Some analysts believe that this indicates the airline crisis, but in fact it is a normal process for any self-respecting airline.